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Social Media Virtual Conference – August 4th

Digital Marketing World 2010

Social Media Virtual Conference, August 4, 2010

Hello people,

Marketing Profs started a new Digital Marketing World online conference series in July.  They are focusing on a different topic each month, and August 4th will be Social Media. It’s completely free with materials available on-demand for a few weeks after the event (not fully defined – how many days? I’m not sure).  Here’s what you need to know and how to register:

The MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World 2010 Virtual Conference Series is focused on Social Media this month.  The FREE web event is August 4th (11:30am ET–4:30pm ET) and you can still register here.

With registration you receive a 27-page Social Media Marketing powerpoint from Hubspot as well.  (It’s sent via email after you register)

The organizers say there will be three educational sessions from real-world practitioners on:

  • What’s new in social media measurement and metrics;
  • Effective content strategies for B2B social media initiatives; and,
  • Best practices in social media integration with other marketing programs.
  • An 0nline exhibit floor full of top social media marketing vendors
  • Resource center with latest in SM marketing knowledge

Also, the conference will be available on-demand for a few weeks after the show.

I’ll be attending and look forward to seeing what kind of statistics and best practices are shared.  If you happen to miss anything, feel free to contact me and I’ll share what I learn.


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Which Social Tools Are Right for Your Strategy?

When assessing your social media strategy, you should use the POST method to determine what’s right for your goals:

P: People — What are your customers ready for? Generate your own customer profile using the Groundswell Technographics Profile.

O: Objectives — What is your goal? What are you trying to achieve here?  Are you just Listening? Talking to your customers regarding marketing campaigns, latest news, updates, etc.? Energizing and encouraging Word of Mouth activity? or Supporting and helping them to connect with and embrace each other to share tips and tricks?

S: Strategy — What will be different after you’re done?  How do you envision the end-game?  This will help you determine the strategy you need to get there.

T: Technology — So, which Tools will you use? Blog, Wiki, an existing community like Facebook, social search sites like Digg?  Once you know your people, objectives, and strategy you can make an educated decision.

More on the POST method here.

I’m a big fan of not reinventing the wheel so I’m going to share this Social Landscape overview with you, courtesy of Drew McLellan.  It’s a solid assessment of the value of various social tools in relation to: Communication, Brand Exposure, Traffic and SEO.

One of my favorite tips is in relation to Flickr and YouTube – Yes, they are great for SEO and this can sometimes be overlooked.  So don’t discount these sites just because you have video and photos on your main website or your Facebook Fan page.

Here’s the snapshot- click on the image to download the full size PDF.

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Time-saving Social Media: Delicious,TweetDeck and HootSuite

As I traverse across the country talking about social media, whether it’s with clients one-on-one or with conference attendees from a stage — the “I don’t have time” mantra is a common response to the conversation.

– Drew McClellalan of

Drew, I totally agree.   Here are some of my favorite time-saving tools.
And for more of Drew’s Twitter-specific time savers, visit his blog.

1. Use for bookmarking

Delicious on Firefox toolbar

Delicious for Firefox

Using Delicious, I can access my bookmarks from anywhere I have internet access, and it’s quick and easy to tag my favorites for later use. Download the Delicious toolbar for your Firefox browser and it’s a 1-2-3 process:

1 – Click TAG button your toolbar
2 – add your tags
3 – click save

You can then easily go back to find anything you saved under your own tags such as ‘B2BTwitterTips’ or view other peoples tags such as ‘TwitterBackgrounds’ or ‘SocialMedia’.

2.  Twitter Time Savers

First, use a client such as HootSuite or Tweetdeck so you can view by topic groups (people who tweet about Food & Wine) or saved searches (#dmtweetup, “jennifer juckett”)

Twitter has the ability to create your own groups and saved searches via your own page at also.  Drew uses this method.

3. Use HootSuite hootsuite or TweetDeck  tweetdeckicon70

Both are great for business users, marketers, public relations professionals or anyone managing multiple Twitter accounts.

Both allow you to easily:
•    Manage multiple Twitter accounts
•    Create Groups, organizing friends or interests into different columns
•    Easily add photos
•    Automatically shorten URLs   (to save space in your limited 140 characters)


Sample view of my Tweetdeck setup.

I use Tweetdeck to manage two main accounts: @jennjuckett and @sdnewsnetwork, along with a variety of client accounts. I find Tweetdeck easier for searching, and I also use the Tweetdeck iPhone application.

Hootsuite has one unique feature that TweetDeck does not – with HootSuite, you can pre-schedule your tweets.  We use HootSuite to schedule certain time-sensitive news posts, and when I advise Marketing and PR professionals we use HootSuite so we can manage time-sensitive announcements

Why Schedule your tweets?

  • Business or Power users – pre-schedule your tweets once so you can be visible throughout the day. This allows you to make better use of your “Twitter time” by monitoring for your brand, having conversations, re-tweeting and sourcing new content.
  • Time-sensitive tweets – PR professionals know the importance of this – If you need to time an announcement, promotion, or and especially when you have business in other time zones and need to reach them when they are starting the workday, not sleeping.
  • Control your content flow – if you tend to login 2 or 3 times a day then send a barrage of tweets one after the other, chances are this is annoying to many of your followers.  Schedule a few of your posts to show up a little later in the day and use your time for other tasks.
  • If you know your content is consumed at certain times of day – you can schedule your tweets to take advantage of this.  PR or media workers familiar with Jack Shafer’s news cycle theory will understand this.  More on this topic here.

My sample HootSuite setup

I think I continue to use Tweetdeck just because I started with it first, I really like the interface, it’s easy to use on my iPhone and I don’t have the need to schedule tweets for @jennjuckett. I find them both useful and easy to use.

Another key difference to consider: Hootsuite is a web-based application, which means you can access it anywhere – you don’t have to be on your own computer.  TweetDeck is a download. But, if you have the app for your phone, you’re still mobile.  It really just comes down to your own preference.

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Topsy – new Twitter search tool, “A search engine powered by Tweets” is becoming one of the most popular Twitter search engines.

What people are talking about on social media sites such as Twitter, Blogs, Flickr and Digg helps rank the search results.


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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Marketing


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE simple posts that help you do things better, vs random rants about the industry. Thank you Paul Dunay for info folks can really use.

This is a very easy to follow group of ideas that are fairly easy to implement.


1. Have a Strong Presence
As we’ve said before, don’t half-ass it people. Post frequent, interesting, and relevant updates.

2. Do Some Advertising
Fbook ads are highly customizable, take advantage of this, link to your fan page.

3. Create An Application
A poll, a game, whatever you can think of – applications are now fairly easy to make and can be quite viral.

4. Syndicate Your Content
Import blog posts to your Fan page, use the My application to import your bookmarks, use the Simply RSS application to bring in RSS feeds, add links to your other blogs or websites.

5. Throw an Event
Facebook Events are a great way of getting people together virtually or in person in support of your local business, brand or product. It’s also a very low-cost way of extending your regular in-house mailing list.

Full post here:

Image credit: / CC BY-ND 2.0

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CPSA – new pricing model for Social Media?

David Berkowitz, via Mediapost’s Social Media Insider blog, today proposed a new way of pricing social media interactions – the CPSA “Cost per Social Action”.
David argues that social marketing when done correctly isn’t about “clicks”, and is certainly not about conversions, but is about building relationships.

I think David is right on.
Cost per Impression (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Action (CPA), and Cost per Engagement (CPE) doesn’t really cut it for social actions.
The main question really is – how much is a social action worth – does it vary by action (sharing, posting or liking?) or by participant? (500 vs 10,000 followers).

An excerpt:

…I’ll throw out a fifth model: Cost Per Social Action (CPSA). It’s for any action with a distinctly social quality that leads to either new relationships (such as through “viral” referrals or acquiring new followers and fans) or deepening existing relationships (such as through “likes,” comments, responses, and ratings).

He readily admits maybe we’ve got too many pricing models going on already and the industry doesn’t want another to learn, deal with, whatever.

He lists some pros and cons, and wants to know what you think.
Read the full post and comments here:

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Ongoing list of Twitter sites and tools

Tips and Tools for Twitter management, productivity and tracking

: bingtweets – fuses Bing search results with the latest tweets
: – url shortener with link tracking

: Future Tweets – Schedule your updates with options for recurring updates.
: #Hashtags – what’s happening on Twitter right now, long list of # hashtags for reference

: Huitter – Twitter tricks and tools – Gtalk2Twitter, Mutuality check, and deleting old DMs
: – helps to syndicate profile updates across multiple profiles (twitter, Fbook, etc)
: TweetBeep – Track your Twitter mentions via email.
: TweetFeel – Real time search partnered with sentinment, showing what the “feeling” of Twitter users is toward a key phrase or brand.
: Tweet Later – Ties in with your account to schedule your updates and track all your urls – could be an effective productivity tool.
: TweetMeme – Publishers use this to track popular Twitter threads via real time search.
: Twhirl – cross post your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc – another effective productivity tool.
: – Top Twitter User Rankings and Stats

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