Which Social Tools Are Right for Your Strategy?

When assessing your social media strategy, you should use the POST method to determine what’s right for your goals:

P: People — What are your customers ready for? Generate your own customer profile using the Groundswell Technographics Profile.

O: Objectives — What is your goal? What are you trying to achieve here?  Are you just Listening? Talking to your customers regarding marketing campaigns, latest news, updates, etc.? Energizing and encouraging Word of Mouth activity? or Supporting and helping them to connect with and embrace each other to share tips and tricks?

S: Strategy — What will be different after you’re done?  How do you envision the end-game?  This will help you determine the strategy you need to get there.

T: Technology — So, which Tools will you use? Blog, Wiki, an existing community like Facebook, social search sites like Digg?  Once you know your people, objectives, and strategy you can make an educated decision.

More on the POST method here.

I’m a big fan of not reinventing the wheel so I’m going to share this Social Landscape overview with you, courtesy of Drew McLellan.  It’s a solid assessment of the value of various social tools in relation to: Communication, Brand Exposure, Traffic and SEO.

One of my favorite tips is in relation to Flickr and YouTube – Yes, they are great for SEO and this can sometimes be overlooked.  So don’t discount these sites just because you have video and photos on your main website or your Facebook Fan page.

Here’s the snapshot- click on the image to download the full size PDF.


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  1. Jenn,

    Great message about the POST method. I love the simplicity of it and really think it can help someone that’s getting involved in social media strategy.
    Keep the great material coming.


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