5 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Marketing


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE simple posts that help you do things better, vs random rants about the industry. Thank you Paul Dunay for info folks can really use.

This is a very easy to follow group of ideas that are fairly easy to implement.


1. Have a Strong Presence
As we’ve said before, don’t half-ass it people. Post frequent, interesting, and relevant updates.

2. Do Some Advertising
Fbook ads are highly customizable, take advantage of this, link to your fan page.

3. Create An Application
A poll, a game, whatever you can think of – applications are now fairly easy to make and can be quite viral.

4. Syndicate Your Content
Import blog posts to your Fan page, use the My Del.icio.us application to import your bookmarks, use the Simply RSS application to bring in RSS feeds, add links to your other blogs or websites.

5. Throw an Event
Facebook Events are a great way of getting people together virtually or in person in support of your local business, brand or product. It’s also a very low-cost way of extending your regular in-house mailing list.

Full post here:  http://wp.me/pr2g7-1q

Image credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/fbouly/ / CC BY-ND 2.0


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