Cisco B2B campaign

Meet Ira Pumfkin, intrepid reporter for the “TechEdge Weekly”(fictional blog)..

Cisco B2B video campaign

Cisco B2B video campaign

“For Cisco’s November 11, 2008 product launch, the marketing team used social media tools to drive awareness around a video campaign featuring the ongoing saga of bumbling ace reporter Ira Pumfkin – who is charged with finding out what kind of product Cisco is launching.

The company learned from mistakes made in their first attempts at social campaigns, and this time they cross promoted all social elements including their own “TechEdge” weekly blog, Twitter profile, Facebook group, YouTube videos, and the official launch website.”

Not only that, Diana Huff, who the above comments are attributed to, and who blogged about this campaign in November, points out that the Cisco staff relentlessly monitored the internet for buzz, and reached out to bloggers and writers to give them “more of the story”.  It’s important to remember that not only should we all be monitoring Company name, key product names, and our executives on a regular basis, but — that campaign you just launched is being talked about too (that’s what you want, right?) — so add that to your Google alerts and Twitter alerts, now.

When you do see a post, “blip”, “tweet” or “what-have-you”, reach out — but reach out personally (not a blast email) and using the method of the message itself.  Blog? Post a Comment!  Twitter?  Tweet back!  it’s important to keep it personal and offer assitance in providing more info to round out the story.  That’s where Cisco succeeded.  And really, in this world of social marketing and the social web — it’s still supposed to be personal, that’s the idea!

Just one clip from the Cisco YouTube videos.

Cisco's Twitter profile, which is still used for promoting the latest

Cisco's Twitter profile, which is still used for promoting the latest

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  1. Jennifer, we’re glad you enjoyed the videos! Launching our ASR9000 series routers are an important step for Cisco and it’s important that we engage the market in several ways virtually, visually and virally. Thanks!

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